Just Spitballing… On Bon Jovi

This is the teeniest of blog posts, less a ‘post’ in itself and more an opportunity to shout out and amplify my friend Julie’s awesome music blog, Your Face Is a Mess + a forcing mechanism for me to get back into the blogging habit after the past month’s super-fun and totally inconsistent roadtrip schedule.

Julie was my ballet BFF for many years, and in addition to dancing in The Nutcracker every year, we also binge-watched Full House before binge-watching was even a thing, played the board game Compatibility, did ‘pretend cooking’ where we’d dump a bunch of stuff in a bowl and see how it tasted, and do ‘wild goose chases’ around her house and yard where we’d place notes with clues to the next place, and the next, and the next. (Sidenote: if any of my adult friends are into any of these activities, I just realized I still love 100% of them.)

I got to hang out with her for a couple days in Brooklyn on my roadtrip, and while there, we recorded what we planned to be a 10-minute video that ended up being 30 minutes. It’s basically answering the question: why are middle schoolers so, so weird? Specifically, why did we as middle schoolers get so, so into Bon Jovi? Bonus: I realized I make a lot of puns (TAKE THAT, CHARLOTTE), am unashamed of my O-town fanatacism of yesteryear, and would like to offer you an end table Mod Podged with images of your favorite band and/or artist.

Check it out here.

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